S.S.V. Tabor Boy

Part sail training vessel, part classroom, and part lab, the Tabor Boy is a unique educational asset of Tabor Academy.

The Tabor Boy is a ninety-two foot, gaff-rigged, two-masted schooner that has been a part of the school since 1954. She is one of two Coast Guard inspected vessels in her class that operate in the Northeast United States.

A harbinger of Spring! The Tabor Boy returned to Sippican Harbor yesterday afternoon after spending the cold, snowy winter undergoing some important renovations at the Fairhaven Shipyard. According to Assistant Captain Zane Randall, the ship underwent water blasting, which removed…


The students awoke to the sound of the Bosun’s pipe and Thibaut’s call of “Out of your bunks and into your trunks, it’s time to go swimming”. The final game of a four game series leaves starboard and port tied…

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