S.S.V. Tabor Boy

Part sail training vessel, part classroom, and part lab, the Tabor Boy is a unique educational asset of Tabor Academy.

The Tabor Boy is a ninety-two foot, gaff-rigged, two-masted schooner that has been a part of the school since 1954. She is one of two Coast Guard inspected vessels in her class that operate in the Northeast United States.


We woke in Clarks Cove, New Bedford to Thibaut’s loud scream of “Get out of your bunks and into your trunks!” We all gathered  on the deck for regular morning pushups and jumping jacks. Morning dip was warmer than usual, although…

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This morning we were all huddled up in the fo’c’sle. Rain was pouring outside, and lightning could be seen through the window. Thunder boomed out in the distance. Finn sacrificed himself to close the hatches, while Aidan and Vaughn entertained…

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