Today at 9:00 we met our crew and classmates for the next week. It was beautiful on Tabor’s waterfront. We started the day with meet and greet activities consisting of a name game, trust maze, blob and line, and switch sides. Then we proceeded to board the Tabor Boy.

Our first task was to undertake the swimming test. After discussing rules and safety, we split into two watches: port and starboard. Then we set sail for Woods Hole. We learned the different commands and techniques for raising and lowering the sails. After the sails were raised, some of us were given the duty of watching for incoming vessels. During the time where the students were on bow watch, the others were learning how to steer the vessel and chatting.

Once we got to Hadley Harbor, we disembarked from the Tabor Boy and went to Bull Island. On Bull Island we studied intertidal organisms such as Perriwinkles, Asian Shore Crab, Green Crabs, Ribbed and Blue Mussels, and Bay Scallops.

Once we returned from Bull Island, we played “Guess Who” until it was time for dinner. For dinner, we had pasta broccoli and chicken while we discussed our favorite movies and tv shows. After we had dinner, we were assigned jobs on board to clean the vessel. One unique ceremony we witnessed while completing our jobs was the colors, a ceremony where we lowered and folded the American flag at sunset.

Justin, Danny, West, Kyle

REEF Update
June 27th, 2017