The second day aboard the Tabor Boy has come and gone. Our day started early at 6:00 a.m. when we did push-ups and jumping-jacks right before the chilly plunge into the harbor. Then the battle between Port and Starboard began with a game of in-water keep-away. Port was the first to win the battle due to miscommunication. While we were changing, the smoke alarm went off because the French toast was burning. If the water didn’t wake you up, the smoke sure did. After cleaning up breakfast, we did water testing and a lab that included M&Ms to test how sunlight passes through the water. Many M&Ms later, we went ashore to Woods Hole where we could roam free until the seal show at the aquarium.

Once in the aquarium, the Summer Schooner Series continued with a round of a fact scavenger hunt at the Woods Hole Science Aquarium. Starboard won by a ‘landslide’ half a point! Once back on board, we had a hearty lunch of mac-and-cheese. Following that, we set sail for New Bedford where we anchored for the night.

While sailing, many new people got to steer the ship. Once again, we had a competition between Port and Starboard where we tried to remember as many words from a list as possible, then included them in a creative story that we wrote together. Before dinner, Ms. Sabol set up a zooplankton lab where we examined the organisms under a microscope. For dinner, we had shepherd’s pie and as a special dessert, we had apple, key lime, and blueberry pie from Woods Hole. Then, it was time for the beloved chores and the formal colors ceremony, where we bring down the ensign. After this, we had a little down time and then headed to bed.

-Peter, Grace, and Carey

June 26, 2017
June 28th, 2017