Today we were woken up at 6:00 a.m., after morning calisthenics we took a quick dip in the cold Clark’s Cove water. We played a rigorous game of keep away and surprisingly Port Watch won! We climbed aboard and changed in the humid bunkrooms. For breakfast, we ate delicious eggs and bacon that filled us up for two hours. During clean up, Chip graciously fed us more bacon so that there were no leftovers.

Cap took us to shore where we walked to SMAST. At SMAST, we listened to a lecture about ocean gliders. We went to a touch tank and held starfish, crabs, sea cucumbers, sea anemone, and sea urchins! Everyone got anxious about the sticky feeling of the sea anemone! We also saw two dogfish sharks. Then we met a woman who tests water for E. coli. The water was closed to shellfishing after she discovered that the sampled water tested positive for E. coli.

We returned to the Tabor Boy and Cory jumped from the first rung on the ratlines. The students and crew were all very proud of him ☺. We got out of the water and ate a superb lunch. Then we set sails and the foresail car broke; however, we persisted and hoped for the best. It was a great, memorable, and adventurous three-hour sail. While Starboard Watch was responsible for bow lookout, Port Watch wrote a fantastic, funny, fire song about our voyage.

Next, we anchored in Cuttyhunk and arm-wrestled for an hour. Sam and Connor arm-wrestled and Connor won. Connor became the champion after beating every student on board. In the lab, we examined different zooplankton where Paige and Eva found a larval lobster. There was another session of arm wrestling, yet this time we added in ninja. Following was Dinner, Sam and Pierce ate an abundant amount of our steak and mashed potatoes.

After dinner, we cleaned up and headed to shore for a campfire. We all went looking for sticks to make s’mores, but Cory came back with a rock. After a lot of s’mores, Port Watch and Starboard Watch performed their songs. Starboard Watch won the song competition! We all gathered around the campfire to have our “Tabor Talk” with the upper class-men. The discussion clarified a lot of our questions about the upcoming year. We returned to the vessel and got ready for bed. After a long and exciting day, we were all finally able to go to sleep.


July 18
July 20, 2017