We woke up in beautiful Cuttyhunk to cold water. The crew and students played keep away and Port Watch won once again. While Starboard set up breakfast, Port watch did a water quality test. After we ate our delicious breakfast, we went on an oyster boat with Seth Garfield. He taught us about oysters and some of us ate oysters for the first time. We also learned about the rich history of the Penikese Island, that had a former Leper Hospital. We set sail for our next stop to Wings Cove. Lunch was a fantastic chicken teriyaki with salad and pie! Some students steered the boat and others had a lesson on tying knots.

En route to Wings Cove, we had a biomagnification lab. Later on, both Starboard and Port Watch made Burgees to represent their time on the Tabor Boy. Once we made it to Wings Cove, we all had a fun time securing the lines on the deck of the boat. Then we changed into our bathing suits and headed to the Francis’ house. We had a blast on the diving board and invented new jumps. We were all fans of Bennett’s 360-degree spin! The Francis’ served us hot dogs, hamburgers, and the greatly appreciated Klondike bars for dessert. Once back on board, we changed into our orientation shirts for our last Colors and a beautiful sunset.

Jake Carlson, Sydney DaSilva, and Eva Elger

July 19, 2017
July 24, 2017