The crew woke us up with beautiful rhymes at 6:00 a.m., telling us to go for our early calisthenics and chilling swim. After our swim, we prepared and ate breakfast before heading ashore to the SMAST Marine Laboratory in New Bedford, Massachusetts. At the lab, we learned about different underwater research devices like a glider and ROV. We observed marine life research tanks with dogfish sharks, clown fish, an octopus, oyster toad fish, and others. Crista Bank gave a presentation about monkfish tagging. Next, we headed back to the vessel for a very fun swim. Everyone jumped off the head rig, the deckhouse, the shrouds, and the cap rail!

After our swim, we set sail to Cuttyhunk Island. We ate steak and cheese sandwiches for lunch. Starboard Watch and Port Watch practiced their composed songs, which they would perform later in the evening. On our way to Cuttyhunk we answered the question of the day in our journals, which was to illustrate and explain an underwater vehicle that could be used for research in any part of the ocean.

Next we anchored outside of Cuttyhunk Harbor, furled the sails, and coiled down. After the deck was secure we did a lab using a microscope to identify zooplankton. We learned that there are all different types of plankton on the ocean’s surface like arthropods and mollusks. After the lab, some of us found a spot on the vessel to do 50 or so pull-ups. We ate kabobs and pasta with pesto for dinner.

We then prepared to go ashore for a surprise that was a bonfire with s’mores. Port Watch and Starboard Watch sang their songs. Congratulations Port Watch for your winning rendition of “I’m Yours” titled “Tabor Boy!” We then asked the crew questions about their experience at Tabor Academy, which was helpful to all of us. Finally, we headed back on the dinghy and prepared for a quiet ship and another night aboard our Tabor Boy.

Zach, Jake, and Lauren

August 1, 2017
August 3, 2017