We arrived at 8:30 a.m. and played ice breakers to get to know each other. One of these games was called “Two Truths and a Lie” in which we went around the circle and each person told two truths and a lie. What was interesting about the game was that we didn’t know which one was the lie. The rest of the group had to guess the lie. Another game we played was the blindfolded obstacle course with a partner. One partner was blindfolded and the other had to guide them through a simple obstacle course via communication. There was no touching allowed and you had to completely trust your partner.

Excitedly, we boarded our boat “The Tabor Boy” and set up our bunks. Soon after we took a vigorous swim test. We jumped off the side of the boat, swam around it, swam to a buoy, swam back to the boat, and treaded water for five minutes. We climbed aboard and divided into groups our groups one was Port Watch and the other Starboard Watch. Starboard Watch was in charge of setting up lunch. We ate delicious sandwiches and a healthy salad. Port Watch was responsible for cleaning up after lunch.

We were eager to start sailing the magical Tabor Boy! We raised the five sails. And as the wind carried us along, Port Watch took turns steering the boat for around 15 minutes. During our 3-4 hour voyage Starboard Watch was on bow watch, meaning they had to report any boats or other obstacles to the captain. Port Watch spent their time coiling lines and journaling. Coiling lines wasn’t as simple as it seemed. The coiled lines had to be a certain size and always needed to be coiled clockwise in a precise circle. At the end of our voyage, we ended up in Hadley Harbor with a view of beautiful homes.

After anchoring at Hadley Harbor, we swam in the cold refreshing bay. The crew and students then jumped off the head rig and up to the fifth rung of the ratlines, which was around 15 feet up. It was time for our first lab, where we dropped M&Ms into the water to measure how long they were visible. We came to the conclusion that the yellow M&Ms were visible for the longest time.

For the question of the day, we had to pick five ice cream flavors you would have in your ice cream shop and why, but you couldn’t choose more than five. Some of the most creative flavors were frog legs mixed with chocolate and gummy bears and coffee chocolate twix. While Port Watch set the table, we wrote in our journals and finished our lab. We ate a delicious dinner and Starboard Watch cleaned up. Port Watch cleaned the bathroom and swept the dock. At sunset, we participated in the Formal Colors ceremony.

Nathan, Ashley, Jack, and Anouk

July 27, 2016
August 1, 2017