Noah woke us up with his morning rhyme today at 6:00 a.m. After our morning swim and breakfast, we headed to Penikese Island to an oyster farm. We learned about the island’s history and what is currently going on on the island. It was a former leper colony, a rehabilitation center for juvenile delinquents, and a marine biology center. Today, the Penikese Island School is a rehabilitation center for men with substance abuse issues.

While on the oyster boat, Zoe got stuck putting a cup that was falling apart in a hole in the boat. Mr. Garfield discussed the history of the island. At the oyster farm, he explained to us how the oysters were priced. Ms. Parente and Andrew were the only brave ones to try an oyster. As we were leaving, Rex threw the Japanese lantern that contained oysters back into the water. Once the lantern hit the water, there was a splash and Rex ended up with mud all over his leg. We docked and hiked to the the highest point of the island. We saw the old wells and a trapped seagull in one of the wells. On the ride back to the Tabor Boy, Mr. Garfield quizzed us on the information he gave us. Four students ended up with stickers and cups as their prizes.

We boarded the Tabor Boy and set sail for Wings Cove. We had lunch and completed our chores. Port Watch and Starboard Watch also made burgees that reflected their journey. The weather was nice until we neared Marion; it was overcast, windy, and rainy. We anchored and we secured the deck. Each watch completed their lab on biomagnification. We learned about the toxins in phytoplankton and how those toxins get passed to other organisms. The toxins were represented by M&Ms, which everyone was happy to eat after the lab. Port Watch and Starboard Watch competed against each other in a memory maze. While timed, we tried to complete a pattern one square at a time. If a student stepped on the right square they could move to another; if it wasn’t the right square, the next student tried.

In the evening, we went to the Francis’ home and ate hamburgers and hot dogs. Happily, we swam in the heated pool, swung on the swing, and bounced on a trampoline. It was a lot of fun despite the rainy weather. We returned to the Tabor Boy and participated in Formal Colors. Starboard Watch and Port Watch had a knot tying competition to see who could tie the fastest knots. Congratulations went to Port Watch! The ship was quiet as we turned in our journals and went to bed. That was the end of magical 5th Voyage of the Tabor Boy Orientation for this summer.

– Blake Roberts, Caroline Donley, Katy Belmore, Josephine Geraghty

July 26, 2017
July 31, 2017