The day began with Noah’s angelic melodious voice serenading us from our slumber. We did jumping jacks and push-ups before diving into the water for our morning dip. Starboard Watch, as always, dominated the Waboba game. We ate like kings and queens for breakfast and feasted on French toast and sausages. We completed our daily chores following the meal. During a quick lab, we observed how long we were able to see different wavelengths of light in the water using M&M’s. Then we prepared for our trip ashore to Woods Hole.

Woods Hole was filled with activities such as shopping, eating ice cream, and even spending time at the local aquarium. We returned to the Tabor Boy with an exciting ride on the Ribcraft with Cap. While eating buffalo chicken wraps for lunch, we played the infamous spoon game. Congratulations to Andrew who walked away as the victor! Starboard Watch was responsible for the bow as we set sail on towards Clark’s Cove. Also, Port Watch learned how to tie five key sailing knots along the journey.

When we reached our destination, we split into our groups to do another lab on zooplankton in the cove. We had a hands-on learning experience and observed different species with a microscope. Also, we used pipettes to add water to new slides for observing the organisms. Port Watch finished the lab and began logging their observations, and then Starboard Watch did the lab and logged their findings. It was extremely entertaining to learn about the numerous organisms in the ocean. After the lab, we began writing song parodies about our voyage that will be presented to the crew tomorrow night. Finally, we ate tasty beef and chicken tacos!

See you on Friday,


July 24, 2017
July 26, 2017