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At 0553, all new Tabor students were instructed to get up, get dressed, and go for a dip. Once we were all ready and on quarter deck, we did a set of pushups and jumping-jacks to warm us up before taking a quick swim test. To our surprise, the water off of Mattapoisett was warm.

After everyone was dry, we prepared for a breakfast of bacon, eggs, and english muffins. When everyone had finished eating, both watches split up into their groups and played a quick game of charades before we set the sails. From Mattapoisett Harbor, we sailed to Kettle Cove, which was an amazing white sand beach. There was a sand sculpture competition between the watches and starboard won with a turtle family sculpture. After the beach, we got back on to the Tabor Boy, had macaroni and cheese and tried to sail to Cuttyhunk. Without wind, we didn’t get far. While sailing, when we weren’t needed, we enjoyed activities like improv.

Eventually, we dropped anchor in Cuttyhunk anticipating our surprise. The crew was on high alert after a seagull hijacked a couple of steak tips. While the crew chased after the bird with a giant fork, we worked on our journals and a lab. We measured light attenuation by dropping M&M’s into the water to see which wavelength of light was visible the longest. Then we ate the remaining steak tips for dinner and were excited to be getting closer to our adventure. After cleanup, we got on the small boat and were taken to shore for our surprise. The surprise was a ton of fun and we returned to the boat in high spirits.

Riley Suh, Colton Mairs, and Henry Worden.

July 10, 2016
July 12, 2016