Arriving at Tabor was nerve wracking. When everyone had arrived, we split from our parents and played ice breakers. We played a lot of fun games including Two Truths and A Lie and Human Knot (Tabor: 1, Human Knot: 1). We also did a blindfolded obstacle course where we had a fellow student tell us where to turn and walk to complete the course.

After the games we loaded all of our gear onto the launch and finally saw the Tabor Boy. When aboard, we talked about safety hazards and the basics of sailing on Tabor Boy. Then we split into watches; starboard and port. Once we put all of our personal items away, we started to prepare the boat to sail. Each watch did their part to raise the sail. We sailed to the outer harbor in Marion. On our way out of Sippican Harbor, the boat was heeling so much that walking from one side to the other was a struggle. The wind blew so hard that Captain Randall lost his hat. We attempted a search and rescue mission, but we were unsuccessful.

We finally anchored in the outer harbor. We struck the sails and then ate pasta with meat sauce for dinner. Midway through cleaning Captain called us up to watch the fireworks coming from the Kittansett Country Club. We watched them from on top of the deck house. Then we finished our clean up and headed to bed.

Drew Kirk and Fiona Moore

June 30, 2016
July 4, 2016