Today we got up at 6:00 a.m. and we did jumping jacks and push-ups. Then we jumped into the water and played a game of Keep Away. Starboard watch won the game in the final moments and won a point for their team. For breakfast we ate cereal, bagels, muffins and then did our chores and cleaned up.

We all got ready to go to Woods Hole in the rain. We went to Pie In The Sky where we got great food from the bakery! In the pouring rain, we ran to the market and after the third boat docked we met up at a corner. We then started to work our way to the aquarium. Even though we tried to stay dry, we could not and surrendered to the inevitable. With squishy shoes we waded through puddles and finally made it to the aquarium. From there, we got questions for each watch that we had to answer for a point. Some questions were harder than others. Several people were able to leave and explore the town some more before boarding the Ribcraft back to the Tabor Boy.

Leaving Woods Hole behind, many of us filled out our journals and it stopped raining at about that time. We ate we macaroni and cheese, salad, chips, chocolate chip cookies and drinks. Later, we got underway and learned new things about the ship. Hobie learned the rigging of the ship. Chris, James, Lydia, and Sawyer all took the helm and navigated the ship. Port watch all learned how to tie many different knots.

After two hours of sailing, we weighed anchor at Clark’s Cove and went for a swim. There were many activities in the water such as high jumps, grappling, and passing Waboba. We dried off, played some cards, and began to prepare for dinner. Dinner tonight was a buffet style taco bar. Soon after, a student comedian emerged and then we helped cleaned up dinner and participated in evening activities. ☺

Hobie, Sierra, Katie, Charlie C.

July 10, 2017
July 11, 2017