Today we woke up around 6, after a successful sleep that was not as interrupted as many of us anticipated. We jumped in the cold water for the morning dip to the sounds of students and crew excited for the Fourth of July.

We had great cinnamon buns for breakfast and cleaned up. Then Cap took us in the dinghy into Woods Hole, where we walked around, ate, had ice cream, and then headed to Bull Island. The dinghy ride to and from Woods Hole was quick and fairly calm. We did a lab in the intertidal zone and explored the island and the marshes along it. In the lab, we found invasive species and learned that Periwinkles are the most abundant organisms on Bull Island beaches. In addition, we found Asian shore crabs, green crabs, ribbed mussels, and blue mussels.

We went back to the Tabor Boy and got underway. We ate chicken tenders and watermelon for lunch on the way to Kettle Cove and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Unfortunately, there was not enough wind to sail so we motored there. When we got to Kettle Cove, we played in the water and explored the natural freshwater spring. We also saw some of our peers, friends, and parents throughout our travels.

After the beach, we motored across Buzzards Bay to Fairhaven Shipyard. On the way, we sat in the head rig and some of us went and steered the vessel. The ride was quick and the sunset was beautiful. When we got to the shipyard and docked, we did a formal colors ceremony and finished watching the sunset. We had a front row seat for the wonderful New Bedford fireworks show! Happy Fourth of July!!

Danny, Paige, and Ben

July 3, 2017
July 5, 2017