Today on the Tabor Boy we woke up at 6 a.m. We immediately jumped into calisthenics followed by an ice-cold game of keep away in the water. Congratulations went to Starboard Watch who won the game. Starboard Watch then checked the quality of the water for the Buzzards Bay Coalition. We all enjoyed French toast and sausages for breakfast that Christian cooked. After doing our chores, we played a fun and interesting game of charades.

Our next destination was Bull Island where we did the Rocky Intertidal Lab. In the lab, we used the quadrat to count how many individuals of each species were in each square. We used that data to calculate the percent cover in the area. We then sailed along to Woods Hole where we toured the Woods Hole Science Aquarium. We were given challenge questions and discovered all of the answers while exploring the exhibits. Port Watch and Starboard Watch wandered around the picturesque town and got ice cream. It was delicious! We headed back to the Tabor Boy and had creamy mac and cheese for lunch.

On the dinghy, we motored over to the beach and played catch with the Waboba ball. We also had a sand sculpture competition. There was a fresh water stream by the rocks that was very cool to walk in. Right before we left, we set all the sails and coiled the lines. We answered the question of the day, which was to decide whether to stay on the island and try to survive or try to escape. We dropped anchor and struck sails for the evening. Then, we indulged in our “Taco Tuesday” dinner that was served with a mouthwatering pie for dessert. We performed the Formal Colors ceremony, finished our chores, and climbed into our bunks. What a great day!

Sami Quackenbush
Reid Hosp
Sam Parks
Riley Richardson

July 31, 2017
August 2, 2017