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coral copyThis morning we woke up at 0630 for our traditional morning dip and a game of Waboba keep away. Afterward, we got underway from Peter Island to St. John and had a wonderful pancake breakfast while underway. We motored to Cruz Bay on St. John, USVI, to clear customs and spend some time ashore.

We all went ashore in the small boats, and after clearing in, we explored the town center. We ate lunch in small groups at various places, and enjoyed ribs, fish tacos and smoothies. After a bit of shopping, we returned to the Tabor Boy and motored to Francis Bay to begin our research at Whistling Cay, an island in the mouth of the bay.

This afternoon, we snorkeled and surveyed Elkhorn colonies along the eastern and southern shores of the island. After a short break to rest and eat a snack, we went back in for a second dive. We returned the schooner around 1730 and got to watch a breath-taking sunset over St. Thomas. Tucker prepared us delicious spaghetti with cheesey vegetables, which we happily devoured. As of right now, we’re completing our evening chores and enjoying each other’s company on the foredeck.

Written by: Mari and Makelsey

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