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Yesterday, as usual, we got up for the morning dip and we played our daily game of waboba. Port watch won the game! After that, we set up for breakfast and a “week-in-review” meal of quiche, cinnamon rolls and fruit.

Our first mission of the day was to prepare the current arrays for deployment. There are eight of them, and we placed them along the eastern and western shores of Whistling Cay in 15 – 20 feet of water. Next we came back to the Tabor Boy and we prepared for the first research dive of the day. We surveyed the western shore of Whistling Cay and collected Elkhorn coral data. We then enjoyed a leisurely lunch on deck and prepared for our last dive of the trip.

During this dive, several groups saw a massive southern stingray! Everyone enjoyed the calm sea conditions that made our work on the eastern shore much easier than it had been the day before. On our way back to the schooner, we also collected the current arrays. Shortly thereafter, we set off on our last voyage towards Red Hook on St. Thomas. The late afternoon sun was warm and we enjoyed seeing several “sailing” cruise ships on our way. We helped the crew put sail covers on the sails and then enjoyed Tucker’s mac and cheese for dinner. We spent the rest of the evening hanging out together on the foredeck and the top of the deckhouse.

On our last day, we had bacon and eggs for breakfast and then helped the crew clean the vessel and prepare for the next cruise. We are sad to be leaving the sunshine and beautiful Virgin Islands, but we have had a great trip visiting different islands and learning about coral reefs.

Written by: Alex and Emma

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