What a thrill! The adventure has begun! Bright eyed and bushy tailed, we boarded the bus in Marion at 5:30 am For Logan Airport. Jetblue received a high rating from us. We value punctuality on this ship. On our drive from the Cyril E. King Airport to the dinghy dock in Red Hook we saw the beauty that is St. Thomas. We received a brief history of St. Thomas from our bus driver, Yogi.

In a wild dingy ride we felt our first rays of sun. We were warmly greeted by the crew and took a dip. Fears were conquered within the first hour on board. Those with height fears soon realized these fears would need to be overcome, and we all plunged into the tropical waters. Next, we grabbed our snorkel gear and tested our skills. Certified we are! No problems here!

After a quick hose rinse we teamed up and conquered the knots left in our hair with only a brush and a single bottle of detangler spray. When dinner was served, not a word was spoken because we were too hungry to speak as we shoveled food in our mouths.

Lots of love,
Your REEFsters

Written by Merrick and Marion

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