We started the day off more quickly than ever before in our career at Tabor. Tucker made a scrumptious breakfast of cinnamon rolls and fruit bowls. Our first task was to try out the underwater cameras in Redhook Harbor. We found an abundance of healthy Elkhorn Coral with memorable photographs of Liam’s wrinkly hands and attractive selfies. Then, we gave our diving gear a break and enjoyed some delectable chicken tenders.

After lunch, we got underway and sailed to Francis Bay, on St. John. The sail was a learning experience for everyone; we learned how to put up the sails, coil the lines, and how to respond to sailing commands. The boat was heeling so much and it was exhilarating and exciting at the same time! Once we anchored in Francis Bay, we split up into our dive teams and used the PDAs for the first time this trip. The hard currents and torrential downpour made examining the Elkhorn a challenge, while also bringing us together as team.

We witnessed a beautiful sunset over the islands while getting to know each other. After dinner we reviewed the data and photos that we collected this afternoon and before we knew it, it was time to hit the hay so for the next day of adventures.

Written by: Cailyn and Lance

REEF Blog January 28
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